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Who needs CPR Certified, what CPR Certification?
Who Needs CPR

Hospitals require medical personal to be CPR certified.
Medical personnel like doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians may be required to perform CPR in the course of their duties. Human resource personnel, secretaries, maintenance personnel and other nonmedical employees would seldom need the skills but may be required to have CPR skills. (BLS) for the Health Care Provider Care Giver

Medical personnel must maintain advanced CPR skills, which includes the use of basic equipment and how to do two-man CPR. Nonmedical personnel could maintain CPR certification at a basic level. AED instruction may be required as a part of the CPR certification process.
Law Enforcement and Firefighters (BLS)

Police, sheriffs, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMT) and first responders must maintain CPR certification. EMTs and first responders need advanced CPR skills. Basic skills may be sufficient for law enforcement and regular firefighters. (Heartsaver w First Aid) and or (BLS)

All Medical and Dental Offices (BLS)

Nursing Students, Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistant CNA's,
CNA Students (BLS)

Personal Trainer - Fitness Trainer (Heartsaver)

Like hospitals, all medical personnel in a doctor's office must know how to perform advanced CPR. Office personnel, while less likely to perform CPR, may be still be required to maintain a basic CPR certification. Most offices will likely have an AED on premise, and employees must know how to use it. (BLS)

Dentists and dental assistants are required to know and maintain CPR certification. While dental offices may seldom have a need for CPR skills, some dental procedures could cause a patient to experience a cardiac arrest. Dental office staff may not be required to maintain CPR skills. (BLS)

Flight attendants may need to respond to a medical emergency while in the air. The flight attendant cannot guarantee there will be trained medical professionals on board to respond, so the flight attendants must maintain CPR and first aid skills. AEDs are common equipment in airports and on planes, and flight attendants are required to know how to use one. (Heartsaver w First Aid)

Jail and prison personnel are often required to maintain CPR certification. In the event of an emergency, medical staff may not be immediately available, and guards or other staff may need to respond until medical support arrives. (Heartsaver w First Aid)

Schools, most states require public school teachers and day care workers to maintain CPR certification. If a student or teacher is injured, a teacher can respond to the emergency until medical assistance arrives. (Heartsaver w First Aid)

Pools and Beaches Lifeguards must maintain CPR skills. Drowning victims may require CPR, and a lifeguard with CPR skills can respond appropriately to the emergency. (Heartsaver w First Aid)

Military CPR - AED - First Aid Training - Military Large Group Training Your Virginia Base Location and your Schedule and Times.

Marine CPR - AED - First Aid Training . Captains, Crew

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Attention CPR Training VA
Is Online CPR Certification Legitimate?
CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and certification in performing it is often required for those pursuing work in the fitness or health and medical field. While the Internet has created many opportunities for home study, CPR is one of the things that still requires hands-on training.
Source: eHow Contributing Writer

Employers do not universally accept online CPR re certifications. In some cases, the online agency providing the recertification fails to provide the recommended minimum training. In other cases, the agency does not follow the guidelines set forth by major CPR certification agencies. Prior to enrollment, ensure that you are not wasting your money but are actually getting a valid BLS American Heart Association or Red Cross CPR issued recertification card and not an unrecognized on-line internet institutes generic CPR card.
Source: eHow Contributing Writer

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